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A Comprehensive Guide to Crystal Impact Match v2.0.23: A Powerful Software for Powder Diffraction Phase Analysis

Crystal Impact Match v2.0.23: A Software for Phase Analysis using Powder Diffraction Data

If you are looking for an easy-to-use software for phase analysis using powder diffraction data, you might want to check out Crystal Impact Match v2.0.23 (or simply Match!). In this article, we will introduce you to this software, explain how it works, what are its main features and benefits, and how to get it.

Crystal Impact Match v2.0.23

How Match! Works

Match! is a software that compares the diffraction pattern of your sample to a database containing reference patterns in order to identify the phases which are present in your sample. You can also apply additional knowledge about your sample like known phases, elements or density to improve the identification process.

In addition to this qualitative analysis, Match! can also perform a quantitative analysis using Rietveld refinement. This means that it can determine not only what phases are present in your sample, but also how much of each phase is there.

To perform a phase analysis using Match!, you need to follow these basic steps:

  • Import your experimental diffraction data from a file or directly from your diffractometer.

  • Select a reference database that contains patterns of possible phases in your sample.





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