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Arma 3 French Army Mod

R3F French Weapons Pack is a French's army weapons and accessories addon.This pack contains high definition models without any game performance decrease. It's a ported version of our previous addon, using Arma 3 new possibilities.Features many weapons used in French's forces and specialy the FAMAS in several version.Assault rifles : FAMAS F1, FAMAS G2, FAMAS FELIN... with APAV40 grenade.HK 416 and HK 417MP5 SDRocket and missile launchers : AT4 and Eryx + Bis Stinger from Arma 2.Long range rifles : FRF2 and PGM.Machine Guns : various Minimi 5.56 and 7.62.Many optics : Aimpoint to J4, J8 ,J10, OB50, Zeiss, and special French's FELIN optic...Many Accessories : Lamps, Pirat laser pointer, suppressors...

Arma 3 French Army Mod

The helmet adopted by the army was made of mild steel[6] and weighed only 0.765 kg (1 lb 11.0 oz)), which made it lighter and less protective than the contemporary British Brodie helmet and the German Stahlhelm. Orders were placed for the helmets in the spring of 1915, which started being issued by July. By September, all frontline troops in France were issued with the helmet.[7] The helmet was surprisingly complex to produce with seventy stages involved in its production, not including those required to prepare the metal. The slot for the badges and the distinctive crest took additional time to manufacture, while also adding a hundred grams of weight. However, the helmet was deliberately designed this way to evoke the artistic style of the highly popular military artist Édouard Detaille, which helped raise the morale of the troops. Indeed French troops identified quite closely with their helmets. The helmet's light weight was also better suited to France's emphasis on mobility and was easier for soldiers to wear for extended periods.[8] In addition to the helmet, a set of armored "epaulets" were also developed by Adrian and issued to defend against shrapnel and air-dropped darts, although they were not in common use.

From late 1915, a cloth cover for the helmet was issued, in khaki or light blue, to prevent reflection. However, it was found that if the helmet was pierced by shell splinters, pieces of dirty cloth were carried into the wound, which increased the risk of infection. Consequently, in mid-1916 an order was issued that the covers should be discarded. By the end of World War I, the Adrian had been issued to almost all infantry units fighting with the French Army. It was also used by some of the American divisions fighting in France, including the African-American 369th Infantry Regiment, commonly known as the Harlem Hellfighters,[9][10] and the Polish forces of Haller's Blue Army.[11] The French Gendarmerie mobile adopted a dark blue version in 1926,[12] and continued to wear it into the 1960s, well after the regular army had discarded it.

However, because the new steel helmets offered little protection against bullets, they were reportedly often among the first pieces of equipment to be abandoned by soldiers on the battlefield.[11] It was also discovered that the badge placed on the front of helmets impaired the strength of the helmet because of the two slots required. This perceived weakness made several armies remove their national insignia altogether. Early helmets were painted "horizon-blue" (light blue-grey) for French troops and khaki for colonial forces. Those made after 1935 are usually painted khaki, reflecting the French army movement to a more camouflaged uniform in the 1930s.

The Brazilian army team aims at having an initial release and playtest by the end of the year. They plan on representing equipment being used by the Brazilian Army since 2010. The mod will also include two maps, one representing the Amazon rainforest and an urban map, possibly set in a favela or other large Brazilian urban center.Please go check out their discord and website for more Info 076b4e4f54



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