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Shqipëria Bullgaria 2022 17.10.2023 Shiko online

22 qer 2022 — Qeveria bullgare bie nën ndikimin rus/ Maqedonia e Veriut dhe Shqipëria bllokohen prapë në Bruksel. -Instant, Kryesore, Lajme. 22/06/2022, 20:52 ...

As of June, the Supreme Court had a backlog of 30, 786 cases pending adjudication. From January through September 20 the country’s High Justice Inspector (HJI) received 580 new complaints, of which 95 percent were submitted by citizens. The HJI administered 19 disciplinary investigations, six initiated by the HJI and 13 based on a complaint. The HJI also submitted to the High Judicial Council one request for disciplinary proceedings against a judge. The constitution and law provide for the right to a fair and public trial without undue delay. The law presumes defendants to be innocent until proven guilty. It provides for defendants to be informed promptly and in detail of the charges against them. Some women and girls, particularly those living in remote areas, faced significant challenges in accessing essential sexual and reproductive health services. Women from historically marginalized communities, including women with disabilities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) persons, Roma, and Balkan-Egyptian women, were often unaware of their entitlement to reproductive health services. The Ministry of Health and Social Protection operated the Lilium Center in Tirana with the support of the UN Development Program to provide integrated services to survivors of sexual violence. The center was in a hospital setting and provided health-care services including emergency contraception, social services, and forensic examinations at a single location by professionals trained in cases of sexual violence. The law provides for minority-language education and dual official-language use for the local administrative units in which minorities traditionally reside or in which a minority group comprised at least 20 percent of the total population. The government generally enforced these provisions effectively. Birth Registration: An individual acquires citizenship by birth in the country, from a citizen parent, by origin or naturalization. There were no reports of denial of or discrimination in birth registration, but onerous residency and documentation requirements for registration made it more difficult for the many Romani and Balkan-Egyptian parents who lacked legally documented places of residence to register their children. FSHF - Federata Shqiptare e Futbollit Kombëtarja shqiptare U‑21 është rikthyer në Shqipëri ditën e djeshme, duke nisur menjëherë... Më shumë. FSHF TV. Prag-Bullgaria / Konferenca për media me dy ... Albania Belgium · Bosnia & Herzegovina flag Bosnia & Herzegovina · Bulgaria flag Bulgaria Turin 2022 · Ronela Hajati. Sekret. Semi-Final. 12th - 58 points. Rotterdam ... Albania 2022 Report 12 tet 2022 — The agreement with Kosovo was ratified by Albania in March 2022. The negotiations with Bulgaria for a new agreement were concluded in 2021 ... Survivors in remote areas of the country did not have many options for assistance and support in their areas. Unless they were ident