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Working in the Metaverse

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Elijah Reed
Elijah Reed

Prospects Legal: Official Guide To Opportunities In The Legal Profession __EXCLUSIVE__

We see a very small portion of the legal profession in television and movies. Most lawyers do not spend their average day in a courtroom or an expensive law firm conference room. Get a sense of the range of practice settings and legal specialties. Do your research through informational interviews with Aggies who are practicing lawyers by becoming involved in the UC Davis Aggie Student Alumni Association. Find internships and shadowing opportunities through the Internship and Career Center, and get involved with pre-law student clubs such as the Pre-Law Association at UC Davis, the La Raza Pre-Law Association or the Black Pre-Law Student Association at UC Davis.

Prospects Legal: Official Guide to Opportunities in the Legal Profession

At New York Law School, academic planning and career development are seamlessly integrated, and your professional life begins on Day One of Law School. The Office of Academic Planning and Career Development provides advising, resources, and networking opportunities to guide all students through the transition from law student to lawyer.




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