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First Mandarin Harvest

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First Mandarin Harvest

Villagers perform a lantern dance to celebrate China's first Farmers' Harvest Festival in Majiazhai Village of Shuiwei Township in Cengong County, southwest China's Guizhou Province, Sept. 23, 2018. People across China hold various activities to celebrate the country's first Farmers' Harvest Festival, which falls on Sept. 23 this year. (Xinhua/Yang Wenbin)

Autumnal Equinox is one of the 24 solar terms of the Chinese lunar calendar and usually falls between Sept. 22 and 24, during the country's harvest season. It was designated a special day for farmers to celebrate the harvest earlier this year.

Wu Daowen, a farmer in southwest China's Guizhou Province, will reap a bumper harvest of kiwi fruits for the first time in three years. Wu started growing kiwi fruits in 2016, and then expanded the scale to about 1.33 hectares after he improved the planting techniques.

Though often referred to as a Tangerine, in fact only one variety has the name Tangerine. The Dancy Tangerine, which was introduced in 1867 as a Tangerine, because the origin of the parent plant was Tangiers. It in fact it is botanically a mandarin as well.

Seedless, easy to peel, most often the first mandarin to ripen, theSatsuma is hard to beat when you add its cold hardiness and let us not forget the great Flavor! A perfect choice for container growing.

But as the popularity of mandarins stayed relatively flat for so long, with the newfound popularity over the last 20 years many new Mandarin varieties have been introduced or have been rediscovered. These new selections have far superior flavor, size and cropping habits than most selections from the past.

Pixie Mandarin ripens in early to mid-January, the flavor of the Pixie Mandarin cannot be overstated. The harvest period isamazing, harvest begins in January and the fruit is sweet and firm. The harvest continues for months with the sweetness just getting better. By June, the fruit remains hanging and flavorful until you pick the last one. The trees upright growth habit makesit a perfect choice for planting in tight spaces, screening, espalier, or container planting.

Mandarin oranges have easily become one of the most popular snacks among children and adults. They are deliciously sweet, healthy, and easy-to-peel. Mandarins are a great on-the-go snack, but can also be used in a lot of different recipes. They can be used in salads, marinades, and an assortment of desserts. They also make excellent juice. There are a ton of different varieties that can be grown. Adding a single mandarin tree to the garden will provide plenty of fruit for the family and enough to share with friends.

The name Mandarin is often used to describe a range of species and hybrids such as clementines, tangerines, and satsumas. However, they are slightly different. Clementines and tangerines are hybrids of multiple citrus species. Tangerines are more closely related to true mandarins because they are a cross between mandarins and pomelos. Satsuma mandarins are classified as different species although the fruits have a lot of similar characteristics. All types are grown using the same care strategy, but the characteristics of the fruit are slightly different.

Often, mandarins sold in grocery stores are not marketed by the specific variety. They are packed and sold under brands like Halos, Cuties, and Peelz. The brands actually use several mandarin varieties that produce a similar product; an easy-to-peel, seedless, delicious mandarin orange. Mandarins bought in December will taste different from mandarins bought in March because they are completely different varieties. Growing your own mandarin tree will allow you to grow your favorite variety without having to guess when to buy them in the store.

Mandarin trees do require time and attention. They need to be pruned and fertilized every year and closely monitored for pests and diseases. Giving your mandarin tree the proper care it needs will go a long way and it is wel



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