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Working in the Metaverse

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Cpd Gtu Book Pdf 29

One contact hour is equivalent to one actual hour (that's 60 minutes) of training or instruction received. That's what it says in the PMP handbook. So, if you attend a course that runs from 9 am to 5 pm for one day and there is an hour for lunch in the middle, that's seven hours that you can claim as formal project management education.

cpd gtu book pdf 29

If you have any doubts about whether the project management training course you have signed up for is going to meet the requirements, then check it out with PMI. They are the final authority and everything you need to know is documented in the official Project Management Professional (PMP) Handbook, which can be found on their website. Contact PMI directly with any questions or concerns. 076b4e4f54



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