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How to Use Twixtor Plugin in Sony Vegas 13

How to Use Twixtor Plugin in Sony Vegas 13

Twixtor is a plugin that allows you to create stunning slow motion and speed up effects in your video editing software. Twixtor works by analyzing the motion of the pixels in your footage and creating new frames that smoothly interpolate between the original ones. This way, you can change the speed of your video without sacrificing quality or realism.

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In this article, we will show you how to use Twixtor plugin in Sony Vegas 13, one of the most popular video editing programs for Windows. Sony Vegas 13 is a powerful and versatile software that offers many features and tools for professional and amateur video editors alike. You can download Sony Vegas 13 from the official website[^3^].

To use Twixtor plugin in Sony Vegas 13, you will need to purchase and install Twixtor from the RE:Vision Effects website[^2^]. Twixtor is compatible with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and 13 (64 bit only). Once you have installed Twixtor, you can follow these steps to apply it to your video clips:

  • Open Sony Vegas 13 and import your video footage into the timeline.

  • Select the clip that you want to apply Twixtor to and right-click on it. Choose Video Event FX from the menu.

  • In the Video Event FX window, click on Twixtor from the list of plugins and click Add. Then click OK.

  • In the Twixtor window, you can adjust the settings of the plugin according to your preferences. The most important parameter is Speed, which determines how fast or slow your video will play. You can enter a value between 0% and 1000%, where 100% is the original speed, lower values are slower, and higher values are faster.

  • You can also tweak other parameters such as Frame Interpolation, which controls how smooth the new frames are, Motion Sensitivity, which affects how well Twixtor handles fast-moving objects, and Motion Vectors, which allows you to fine-tune the motion estimation of Twixtor.

  • When you are happy with the settings, click Apply and close the Twixtor window. You can preview your video in the timeline and see how Twixtor has changed the speed of your clip.

  • You can repeat these steps for any other clips that you want to apply Twixtor to. You can also use keyframes to animate the speed changes over time.

  • When you are done with your editing, you can render your video as usual by clicking on File > Render As.

Congratulations! You have learned how to use Twixtor plugin in Sony Vegas 13. Twixtor is a great tool for creating amazing slow motion and speed up effects in your videos. You can use it for various purposes such as sports, action, music, or artistic videos. Have fun experimenting with Twixtor and unleash your creativity!If you want to learn more about Twixtor and how it works, you can check out the official documentation and tutorials on the RE:Vision Effects website. You can also watch some examples of Twixtor in action on YouTube. You will be amazed by the results that Twixtor can produce with your video footage.

Twixtor is not the only plugin that can help you create slow motion and speed up effects in Sony Vegas 13. There are other plugins that offer similar or different features and functions. Some of them are:

  • RSMB: This plugin stands for ReelSmart Motion Blur and it adds realistic motion blur to your video clips. It can also reduce flicker and artifacts caused by frame rate conversion. You can download RSMB from the RE:Vision Effects website.

  • Timecode: This plugin allows you to display the timecode of your video clips on the screen. It can be useful for syncing audio and video, editing multicam footage, or adding subtitles. You can download Timecode from the Vegasaur website.

  • Velocity Envelope: This is a built-in feature of Sony Vegas 13 that lets you change the speed of your video clips using envelopes. You can access it by right-clicking on a clip and choosing Insert/Remove Envelope > Velocity. You can then drag the envelope points up or down to adjust the speed of your clip.

These are some of the plugins and features that you can use to enhance your video editing with Sony Vegas 13. You can also explore other plugins and tools that are available online or in the Sony Vegas 13 program itself. The possibilities are endless! 29c81ba772

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