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Working in the Metaverse

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Elijah Reed
Elijah Reed

Cod Mw3 Sp Intro Ff

The troubled development of Final Fantasy XIII that had been caused by the simultaneous creation of the company-wide engine Crystal Tools gave reason to rethink the production process for high-budget games at Square Enix. For Final Fantasy XIII-2, the team consulted the European subsidiary Eidos to more closely adapt a Western approach to game development. As a consequence, monthly schedules and project milestones were introduced to better monitor the staff members' progress.[24] Furthermore, unlike its predecessor, Final Fantasy XIII-2 was not entirely developed in-house; Japanese studio tri-Ace was contracted to help out with aspects of the game design, art and programming.[25] This was done to keep the number of internal staff members on the game lower. The contributions of external developers were planned and clearly divided beforehand to achieve a more structured team organization. Concept videos and frequent test playing during production helped constantly engage the staff and keep to the original vision of the game.[24]

cod mw3 sp intro ff

This fix is only applicable to NVIDIA card users. The G-Sync feature was introduced by NVIDIA to eliminate screen tearing that occurs when your GPU puts out so much frames that your monitor cannot handle. It acts as an alternative to the Vertical Sync feature, which is native to Windows.




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