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Elijah Reed
Elijah Reed

New World Napisy Polskie !EXCLUSIVE!

Niniejsza strona poradnika do New World opisuje sposób zmiany języka oraz zawiera listę dostępnych wersji językowych. Dowiecie się tu, jak szybko zmienić język gry bez konieczności ponownego uruchamiania produkcji. Zmiana ta wpływa na napisy oraz dialogi.

New World napisy polskie


Follow these rules (or you're dead to us). Contest entries will be accepted between 7:15 pm ET and 7:45 pm ET on October 7, 14, 21, and 28, 2022. Entries may include groups of up to six (6) people. Every person entered into the contest, including members of a group, must provide proof of their ticket to that evening's performance. Entries must not include content from Beetlejuice the movie. Costumes may not obstruct the view of another audience member, and must fit within the reasonable boundaries of your seat. No simulated, costume or functional weapons are allowed at BEETLEJUICE the Musical. Full-face masks are also prohibited. Hate speech (in any language) is not permitted on attire or props. Shoes must be worn at all times. No nudity. Judging criteria: originality/creativity (40%), adherence to the creative world of BEETLEJUICE the Musical (40%) and overall quality of costume(s) (20%).

At the beginning of the series, Sonic accidentally gets hurdled though space from his unnamed home planet to Earth via Chaos Control. Sonic met Christopher Thorndyke, becoming friends with him. Sonic quickly learns that his other friends from his planet got caught in the Chaos Control and ended up on Earth as well, along with his arch-nemesis Doctor Eggman and his army of robots. Once Sonic rounded up his friends, they agreed to settle into the Thorndyke Mansion as their new home in Earth. They mainly had to hide from the public because of their unique characteristics but were accepted by Chris' family and friends. Soon, they learn that the source of the Chaos Control, the seven Chaos Emeralds, have also been transported to Earth, and scattered across the planet. Figuring that they may be the key to getting back home, Sonic and friends begin searching for them. But Dr. Eggman vows to achieve world domination over Earth with his robots. Over the course of a few weeks, Sonic and his pals get one of the Emeralds, while Eggman gets two. The President, however, is greatly concerned with Eggman's threats to the public society and issues the military to attack Eggman's base. Sonic and his friends aid the military and manage to take Eggman's Emeralds away from him. At the end, Eggman's base is destroyed, and Sonic is praised as a hero to the human population.

Now being hailed as heroes, Sonic's friends are able to get out of the house more often and went on vacations. But Dr. Eggman is quickly able to build, as a replacement base following the destruction of his tower, a flying fortress called the Egg Fort, and resumes his diabolical attempts to achieve world domination. Sometime later, after getting severely damaged from many bouts with Sonic and his friends, the Egg Fort is left behind in the sea and replaced by the Egg Fort II.

This saga is an adaption of Sonic Adventure. Six months after the second Chaos Control, Eggman learns of the legend of Chaos, the god of destruction, who was sealed in the Master Emerald 4,000 years ago. Eggman blasted the Master Emerald to set Chaos free, so he could utilize its potential powers to achieve world domination and to Sonic and his friends' shock, Chaos grew more powerful every time he is fed a Chaos Emerald. While Sonic and his friends attempt to collect each Chaos Emerald they can find to prevent Chaos from growing stronger, Knuckles began to discover the history of his own tribe of Echidnas that lived on Angel Island as he found the pieces of the Master Emerald since it was shattered when Dr. Eggman awakene