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Dragon Tree is a multi-stemmed tropical evergreen tree with an upright spreading habit of growth.This is a relatively low maintenance tree. When pruning is necessary, it is recommended to only trim back the new growth of the current season, other than to remove any dieback. It has no significant negative characteristics.Dragon Tree is recommended for the following landscape applications;ShadeGeneral Garden U

buy dragon tree

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Dragon Tree will grow to be about 20 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 20 feet in its native habitat.This tree does best in full sun to partial shade. It prefers dry to average moisture levels with very well-drained soil, and will often die in standing water. It is not particular as to soil type or pH. This species is not originally from North America.Dragon Tree is a fine choice for the home and patio, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor pots and containers. Its large size and upright habit of growth lend it for use as a solitary accent, or in a composition surrounded by smaller plants around the base and those that spill over the edges. Note that when grown in a container, it may not perform exactly as indicated on the tag - this is to be expected. Also note that when growing plants in outdoor containers and baskets, they may require more frequent waterings than they would in the yard or garden.

A fun and bold Dracaena variety with woven tree stems and spiky, upright leaves. Also known as the Madagascar Dragon Tree, this potted tree is 4-5 feet tall and has been recognized for its air-purifying qualities.

Ideal care for these fun little indoor trees includes bright indirect light conditions and watering when the soil is dry. Your Dragon Tree would also appreciate a well-draining potting mix and the application of a well-balanced fertilizer in the growing months of spring and summer.

Impress your neighbors, friends, and anyone that happens to catch sight of the Dragon Tree thriving in your landscape! They are native to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira, and western Morocco, and this award-winning evergreen tree is also known by the botanical name, Dracaena draco, and this is a tree unlike any other! You cannot help but be impressed by its umbrella-like appearance, and the thick, long and slender, slightly swollen trunks with stout upright arms that feature rosettes of attractive blue-green leaves. We like to plant this unique tree in beds and borders, succulent gardens, rock gardens and in any spot that could use a plant that is sure to get all the right attention!

The Dracaena Dragon tree thrives in a spot with full sun to partial sun exposures. Once established, this low maintenance dracaena draco plant requires little to moderate water and is drought tolerant. These are a slow growing evergreen trees, so buy as big as you can for that classic Dragon Tree appearance that makes them a dramatic focal point in any yard! No pruning or green thumb needed, just let them grow with very little maintenance!

Palm Paradise is where you will find the big Dragon Tree specimens. After all, we have been custom-growing and nurturing them in our local climate for over 20 years so that we can assure their quality. Visit us today and prepare to be amazed by our collection of rare palms, cycads, trees, and of course, the Dracaena Dragon tree!

When planted in the ground a dragon tree should not require any watering. For container grown dragon trees, water regularly to keep the soil moist. But, as mentioned earlier, do not allow the soil to become waterlogged as this will cause the roots to rot.

When choosing a site for your Dragon Tree it is important to bear in mind that it is a long-living tree that, when grown in the best conditions, can reach 10-12 metres in height. The multi-headed specimens make excellent feature trees in a dry or water-wise garden scheme or, as a centrepiece in a courtyard or patio area. Single-crown trees look fantastic when planted in groups but they will become multi-headed as they age.

The Dragon Tree is the Natural Symbol of the island of Tenerife. It was valued so much on the island that The Guanches (the Aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands) worshipped one of the larger trees on the island and even hollowed out its trunk to create a small sanctuary inside. This particular specimen was observed by Alexander von Humboldt, the famous German explorer, as being 21m tall and 14 m in circumference and he estimated its age to be 6000 years old. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by a storm in 1868.

Ultimately, the Dragon Tree can grow as high as 10-12 metres tall, with a spread of around 2.5-4m. This can take from 20-50 years as this tree is quite slow growing. It takes approximately 10-15 years to reach a height of 1.2 metres but it can grow faster depending on conditions.

Dragons Blood Trees get their name from the red coloured sap that was once exploited to almost extinction for its Medicinal and Cosmetic industry uses. The species has been successfully propagated in Australia from seed, but can take a long time (some 50-100 years) to grow a large specimen tree which often fetch a high price anywhere from $5000-$100,000

We at Bamboo South Coast often supply many different size trees from small to large, purchased at a medium size such as 1m tall are most affordable and will often grow 100mm per year in good conditions. Will achieve best blue colour and a perfect trunk if grown in full sun in very well drained soil. Light Frost will damage the dragon tree leaves but not kill the plant.

Of all the indoor plants, the dragon tree is one of the easiest to grow and the most stunning to view. With vibrant evergreen leaves, these house plants can brighten any room all year around. Dragon tree grow slowly, gaining height rather than width. This makes them ideal for homes that don't want to become a jungle overnight.At Gardeners Dream, we send all our high-quality dragon trees across the UK with free delivery. Whether you're creating a menagerie of tropical house plants or want to give this plant as a gift, shop with us!Don't forget, we have a wide range of outdoor plants to discover too, from our fruit trees to vegetable seeds.

There are many dragon tree types, from trees with woody stems to succulents to shrubs, all from the same genus - Dracaena. At Gardeners Dream, we have a selection of dragon plants that are perfect for indoor growing in the UK.

If you have house pets, you may want to choose another indoor plant from Gardeners Dream. As beautiful as the leaves and white flowers of the dragon tree are, they are toxic to cats, dogs and other cuddly creatures.

Unlike plants that grow outdoors, you get so much more from most houseplants than a few weeks of flowering in early summer. So long as you keep up your dragon tree care, watering its pot for optimum growth, it's very hard to go wrong!

The most popular species from the Dracaena family is the dragon tree, but it can also be called the dragon plant. Other plant species in the Dracaena family that are more bushy and shrub like are also known as dragon plants.

The 'dragon tree' often refers to Dracaena marginata, the variety that grows natively in Madagascar. With dry yet fresh soil and indirect sunlight, this plant makes container gardening as easy as possible.

It's characterised by a woody stem and dagger-like leaves. When the leaves turn yellow, it's overwatered. When brown tips appear, you need to water it a bit more! It's a slow grower, but you may find off-shoots emerge as the years go by. Separate these from the parent plant to grow new dragon tree plants. Alternatively, take a cutting from the dragon tree for propagation.

As an evergreen tree, new growth can occur at any time of the year especially when grown in a warm spot in your home. Keep watering to a minimum, as the Madagascar dragon tree likes its soil dry, and to prevent the leaves dropping. If the leaves appear yellow, it's time to water.

At Gardeners Dream, the Madagascar dragon tree is shipped in an 11cm pot and will already be well established at over 30cm high! Of course, we ship all our dragon tree plants with free UK delivery so why not add some other air purifying house plants to your order?

Dragon trees and plants are ideal for growing indoors in the UK. Growing natively in tropical climates, they are a great plant for homes that can provide a warm and well-lit area for growing all year around. While there are some Dracaena marginata varieties that live outdoors, one of the most common problems is root rot - if your garden soil gets very wet, your dragon trees will struggle.

A dragon plant loves free-draining, slightly gritty soil - consider mixing your usual compost with a little sand. The dragon tree varieties enjoy moisture and humidity, but don't like to sit in a puddle. Overwatering is a problem, so ensuring they're in a well-drained pot is essential.

Follow all of the steps above, and make sure you read about the plant at Gardeners Dream before you buy it! Much like our ferns, a dragon tree likes bright light but not direct full sunlight. It will sit happily in most rooms, but the bathroom is a popular spot as it does well with the high humidity.

Keep your indoor temperature stable through fall and winter, as this tropical plant doesn't like the cold. Be careful with watering too. Although the dragon tree varieties are considered great for beginners as they're hard to kill, adding more water when it's not needed can cause root rot.

Yes! Dragon trees (particularly Dracaena marginata) make excellent houseplants. They thrive indoors all year round, not just in spring and summer. Although they're called 'trees', these plants can grow happily in a medium-small pot. As they are slow growing, you may not need to repot them for several years! Growth is usually limited to around 10cm per year.

Dracaena marginata, from the Dracaena family, is more commonly known as the dragon tree. Originating in Madagascar, this plant enjoys well-draining soil, humidity, and in-direct light (the conditions it would experience at a ground level of a tropical rainforest). 041b061a72




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