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Buy Ak Air Miles

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Buy Ak Air Miles

The minimum amount of Alaska miles that you can buy with the 50% bonus is 20,000 miles. You'll end up with 30,000 miles (20,000 miles + 10,000 bonus miles) for a cost of $591.25. That's 1.97 per mile.

If you were to maximize this offer, you'd receive 150,000 Alaska miles (100,000 miles + 50,000 bonus miles) for $2,956.25, or 1.97 per mile. This purchase rate is less than the value that some people assign to Alaska miles, meaning it might be a good deal for some people, depending on their situation.

Alaska Mileage Plan miles are some of the most valuable miles around. In fact, of the 18 airlines that AwardWallet has analyzed, Alaska Mileage Plan miles have the highest average value. In recent redemptions, AwardWallet users have got 2.67 per mile average redemption rate per Alaska Mileage Plan mile.

Thus, you may struggle to get enough value from Alaska Mileage Plan miles for economy and premium economy awards to justify buying miles at 1.97 each. However, first- and business-class awards can be an incredible use of Alaska miles. We will highlight some of these opportunities below.

In our previous post detailing Mileage Plan sweet spots, we listed several of the top-value redemptions possible with Alaska miles. Let's choose four of these sweet spots and compare the typical cash price with the cost to purchase the necessary miles under the terms of the best offer.

When domestic airlines levy a Federal Excise Tax on mileage purchases, it's with the assumption that the purchased miles will be used for domestic air travel. However, as many award travelers are probably aware, this often isn't the case. If you use those purchased miles for international travel, hotel stays, gift cards, or any other redemption, you should be able to get it refunded.

We have compiled a list of former Alaska Airlines buy miles promotions. As you can see, there have been quite a few previous promotions that have offered a 60% bonus, so this current 50% bonus isn't the best we've seen from Alaska Airlines. But don't get us wrong, this is still a solid deal.

Over the year, Alaska Airlines has increased the frequency and bonuses it offers through mileage sales. We've seen on quite a few occasions where the offer can reach as high as 60%. So it's important to always check the current promotion being run to see if you can grab these miles at a higher rate.

AS is the only airline where I buy miles to top off my account. I get good use out of their program. I will buy miles from them again to top off. I think their promos are good, especially since they do not have a cc to transfer points from into their program.

Quite a nice promo and the price for the miles is interesting.The only issue is the redemption which will not be imminent and so there is some risk to buy miles in advance for a future redemption.Especially because something can change in Mileage Plan after Alaska will join Oneworld.

The promo is very good, especially if you unlock the 60% promo for buying miles in October.Anyway, I have already some miles and recently I have cancelled a redemption and I had some miles deposited back in my account.For this reason I will pass.

With so many ways to earn points through various cards, why take the chance by buying miles I rather just keep earning them through my credit card than just to buy on speculation. The risk vs rate of return seems pretty high for something like this.

Even though the most recent promotion to buy Alaska miles ended on June 30, 2020, it is interesting to consider buying Alaska miles at the standard rate because there are some values in certain situations.

Agreed, this is the 2nd time that Alaska offered 60% bonus, I always redeem Japan airline and Cathay via Alaska miles but travel is not an option for me right now and miles expire after a certain period of time. So it might not be a good idea to purchase miles without knowing when can we use it!

Thanks for the update on Alaska offers. I took advantage of




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